Carrot Cake from Laurie’s Gluten Free Goodness

My adventures in filming “Bite Me” have led me to Laurie’s Gluten Free Goodness in Scotia, NY.  Laurie’s was born out of a need for great gluten free products at a reasonable price.

After she was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease 10 years ago, then finding out her son also suffered from the same condition, Laurie made it her mission to make wonderful baked goods for people suffering from a gluten allergy.  She started her bakery 2 years ago and they are still going strong.  Laurie sells her products both locally and in NYC.  I was lucky enough to try her Carrot Cake which includes locally grown fresh carrots and is both gluten free and dairy free .  All I can say is DELISH!!! Honestly it was so darn good I had to be convinced that there wasn’t any butter in it! I mean WOW! It was spicy, rich and moist.  Not only did I love their products, I loved them as well.  The owners were so sweet, much like their baked goods.