Alligator and Beignets from Café Nola

When I found out I was going to try alligator, I was so excited!  It’s not everyday you see something like that on a menu.

Café Nola is a Mardi Gras themed restaurant (no, I did not try and earn any beads;) and when you walk in, you feel like you just entered a big party. The music is fun and the decorations are festive although the best part is the menu.  Everything on it is inspired by New Orleans and some of their specialties include Po’ Boys, ettouffee, jambalaya and dirty rice. Okay, back to that alligator!  I wasn’t sure what to expect although the only thing going through my mind was “it tastes like chicken” which is what people always seem to say.  Kevin, the owner and head chef cooked it up with some of their Cajun blend and served it over a salad.  I thought the flavor was great but it was a little tougher then I expected.  Thankfully my teeth are as sharp as the reptile I was chomping down on so there were no problems there.  I would definitely order it again since it’s something you don’t see everyday and it has a very unique flavor.  The other wonderful thing I got to have while waiting for my alligator to cook were beignets. Fried balls of deliciousness covered in powdered sugar then dipped in a caramel sauce.   Essentially this is Louisiana’s version of a donut and it makes me happy!!

Any way I can feed into my sugar addiction is all right in my book and to think that it’s sugar, covered in sugar then dipped in more sugar is a great way to get my fix! I loved learning about Kevin and how he’s following his dream of being in the restaurant business.  Catch the “Bite Me” episode featuring Café Nola in a few weeks.


The Crabby Marc from Ambition Café

The Crabby Marc isn’t so shabby! And the owner Marc isn’t too Crabby.

My adventures in filming Bite Me has led me to a fun and quirky café in Schenectady, NY.  Marc says that the way Ambition is decorated would be like looking at him from the inside.  All I can say is Marc must be a lot of fun!  He started this café 12 years ago and told me that he loves what he does everyday.  Ambition Cafe holds a lot of cast parties since it’s right across the street from Proctors Theater and Marc’s gotten to meet many famous people.   Speaking of famous, one of their menu items is legendary and has been on the menu since opening day! It’s the Crabby Marc.  I don’t claim to be a crab cake connoisseur but this thing was awesome!!!! I really loved the horseradish remoulade they put on top and the flavor of the crab cake was excellent! Served with a warm pita and garden salad and I can see why this has been a super star on their menu!



Fall off the bone ribs from LT’s Grill

I have the best job in the world because “Bite Me” has led me to LT’s grill in Niskayuna, NY.

The owner L.J. insisted we stop in a week before filming so that he could feed me and my crew.  I guess if your going to twist my arm I’ll come in for some free food ☺ We were lucky enough to try the potato encrusted haddock with dill, chicken wings with a delish dry rub and LT’s specialty, their ribs!!!!! I am not usually a ribs kinda girl but if I were eating here, I would have a change of heart.  They are fall off the bone, lip smacking good!  Not only is the food great, but the owner L.J. treats all of his customers like family.  He practically knows every guests name by heart, but don’t let that stop you from coming in.  If you’re a newbie, L.J. will make you feel right at home and you’ll be a regular in no time!

Carrot Cake from Laurie’s Gluten Free Goodness

My adventures in filming “Bite Me” have led me to Laurie’s Gluten Free Goodness in Scotia, NY.  Laurie’s was born out of a need for great gluten free products at a reasonable price.

After she was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease 10 years ago, then finding out her son also suffered from the same condition, Laurie made it her mission to make wonderful baked goods for people suffering from a gluten allergy.  She started her bakery 2 years ago and they are still going strong.  Laurie sells her products both locally and in NYC.  I was lucky enough to try her Carrot Cake which includes locally grown fresh carrots and is both gluten free and dairy free .  All I can say is DELISH!!! Honestly it was so darn good I had to be convinced that there wasn’t any butter in it! I mean WOW! It was spicy, rich and moist.  Not only did I love their products, I loved them as well.  The owners were so sweet, much like their baked goods.