Alligator and Beignets from Café Nola

When I found out I was going to try alligator, I was so excited!  It’s not everyday you see something like that on a menu.

Café Nola is a Mardi Gras themed restaurant (no, I did not try and earn any beads;) and when you walk in, you feel like you just entered a big party. The music is fun and the decorations are festive although the best part is the menu.  Everything on it is inspired by New Orleans and some of their specialties include Po’ Boys, ettouffee, jambalaya and dirty rice. Okay, back to that alligator!  I wasn’t sure what to expect although the only thing going through my mind was “it tastes like chicken” which is what people always seem to say.  Kevin, the owner and head chef cooked it up with some of their Cajun blend and served it over a salad.  I thought the flavor was great but it was a little tougher then I expected.  Thankfully my teeth are as sharp as the reptile I was chomping down on so there were no problems there.  I would definitely order it again since it’s something you don’t see everyday and it has a very unique flavor.  The other wonderful thing I got to have while waiting for my alligator to cook were beignets. Fried balls of deliciousness covered in powdered sugar then dipped in a caramel sauce.   Essentially this is Louisiana’s version of a donut and it makes me happy!!

Any way I can feed into my sugar addiction is all right in my book and to think that it’s sugar, covered in sugar then dipped in more sugar is a great way to get my fix! I loved learning about Kevin and how he’s following his dream of being in the restaurant business.  Catch the “Bite Me” episode featuring Café Nola in a few weeks.