New farmers market and the "art" of food trucks


There are so many wonderful food businesses in our area, and going to a farmers market is a great way to experience lots of local goodies at once. Today was the first day of the Spa City Farmers Market, which makes it Saratoga’s second market. There were over 50 vendors with tons of local produce, flowers, baked goods and much more. The Peanut Principal was sampling a lot of varieties of peanut butter including S’mores and dark chocolate among many others. Zorbas makes great hummus as well as a product called Gar-La-La. Gar-La-La is a potato-based dip with garlic. It tasted incredible and would be great in place of mayo, as a veggie dip, or on a pizza. It was hard choosing which flavor to buy because they were all so good. Donnas Stuf’t makes pretzels filled with all sorts of delectable things including the peanut butter from The Peanut Principal. One thing I was thrilled to find was the Pak Dong from Puckers Gourmet.

I love anything pickled so this is the booth I tend to gravitate towards (well that and anything with sugar). The Pak Dong is a spicy slaw that tastes incredible!! If you see it, buy it because they always sell out. It’s great on burgers, sandwiches or salads. Nighthawk Kitchens was sampling bacon caramel popcorn (OMG!) that was to die for and we discovered a new brewery from Chatham.

Another local favorite is Gatherer's Granola which makes really tasty flavors of granola that will help get your day started (or finished if you want to throw it on ice cream). The new farmers market is a great place to uncover some wonderful local goodies all while supporting our community. I can’t wait to go back again this summer.

Saratoga Art Fest is also happening this weekend so we headed over to Beekman St to check out some of the artists.

Luckily for me, Eat Good Food and Slidin’ Dirty were there. These are two of the many food trucks cruising around the Capital District lately.

Now I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the avocado fries from Slidin’ Dirty so I made a bee-line to the window to get them. Unfortunately they were already sold out! I guess a lot of other people had the same idea. Instead we ordered The Dirty Ninja slider and they threw in fried green tomatoes as a substitute for the fries. I'm almost glad that they were sold out of the avocado fries because we wouldn't have tried these other two things. The Dirty Ninja comes with sautéed bok choy, shitake mushrooms, scallion, sesame seed and Asian mustard.

You can choose from beef or chicken and we went with the beef. It was fantastic!! The fried green tomatoes are a must try too! I loved that they were small (about 2 bites each) and topped with a roasted red pepper sauce. I haven’t had a ton of fried green tomatoes in my life but these were some of my favorites.

Slidin’ dirty will be featured on Live with Kelly and Michael this summer since they are one of the finalists in the Truckin’ Amazing Cook Off! Let’s hope they take home the grand prize and show the rest of the country that the Capital District knows how to roll when it comes to food trucks. If you see this truck or any of the others crusin’ around, be sure to check out some of the delish food they have to offer. We couldn’t finish off the day without stopping at The Local. The outdoor seating area was open and the big red Adirondack chairs were calling our names. Nothing like a pint of great beer to round out a nice Sunday afternoon.