A blogging slacker is back and promoting new winery


Hello friends. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything because I’ve been a total blogging slacker!Between starting a new job and the lack of motivation I have over the winter months, nothing has been accomplished.After thinking about the true intention of “Bite Me,” the blog posts will be changing a bit going forward.The main goal of the blog, Facebook and Twitter page was to promote local food and beverage businesses in the Capital District.Somehow along the way, it became a food review blog and that’s not what it was intended to be (plus I hate taking pictures of my food while I am out).Going forward, the blog will feature local businesses only.If I think something is delicious, it will definitely get a mention but if something isn’t that great, I will keep it to myself.These business owners work hard so who am I to say what’s good and what isn’t. Who the heck am I anyway?!?!!?!The goal is to grow readership, which will in turn help get more exposure for the great places in our own backyard.Who knows, maybe a TV series will accompany the blog soon too!If there is place that you love, let me know!There’s nothing more exciting than trying a new local eatery, winery or brewery.Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope it helps you find some cool new spots to check out.

To kick off my first blog post in months, I wanted to mention that The Thirsty Owl winery is now open in Saratoga. The original Thirsty Owl Wine Company is a destination winery, midway up the west side of Cayuga Lake, dedicated to producing high quality wines. They have decided to open a second location in Saratoga which is to our benefit. They remodeled a building that’s been around for a while and it’s beautiful.We did a tasting and I have to say that the Malbac was a favorite of mine.The Thirsty Owl is now pouring full glasses of wine as well and they intend to open a restaurant in the front of the building.If you are in the area, it’s worth stopping in and checking out.The winery is located at 184 South Broadway.