It’s time to visit the Home of Uncle Sam


Troy is becoming one of the area’s hot spots when it comes to getting great food.  I was introduced to Brown’s Brewing only a few years ago but it was worth the wait and has become one of our new favorite spots. I dream about their wonderful beers and warm pretzels served with a honey mustard sauce that I could bathe in! It’s hard to say whether the beer or the food is better (okay, I’m giving it to the beer for obvious reasons). Over the winter we discovered the Charles F Lucas Confectionery and Wine Bar. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get over there yet, you’re missing out. The ambiance is beautiful and the food and drink selection is divine.

It’s yet another contributor to the greatness Troy is experiencing. Dinosaur BBQ has also decided on Troy as it's Capital District location (not that that’s news but a testament to Troy’s presence in the culinary world) and they obviously made the right choice because it’s always packed.

I never thought I liked BBQ until their pulled pork made its way into my life via a Slider. The soft potato roll and house made pickles make it my go to dish every time. Now when we go to Troy, I have a battle with myself in terms of where we should go because I want one of everything from all of these amazing places!! A new player in town is Sweet Sues.

Sweet Sues offers delectable desserts along with a nice lunch menu. Her cupcakes are beautiful and I can say that the salted caramel truffle was everything you could ask for in a salty and sweet treat! With desserts like Strawberry Mango Daiquiri Bavarian's and cupcake flavors including Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Pistachio Grapefruit with Candied Edible Flowers, you really can’t go wrong! This place should be on your radar, especially if you need dessert.

There are a few other places that I’ve heard great things about so they deserve a mention. The first one is Bacchus Wood Fired located at 3 Second St in the basement. It may be tucked away, but they are known to have excellent pizza!

Another Troy hot spot that’s been on the radar is The Flying Chicken. I need to book a flight to this place because it’s supposed to have some of the best fried chicken (besides Hattie’s of course) in the area. Finnbar’s Pub has opened in the last year specializing in Irish-American fare and Beirut will fulfill all of your Lebanese or hookah cravings.

If you’re looking for some new places in the Capital District, you should strongly consider Troy as a starting point. Where to go once you are in the home of Uncle Sam is a tough call. There are so many great options, but that’s a good problem to have. Oh did I mention that Bombers opened last week too!?!?! The 12180 is becoming the place to be when it comes to getting some good eats. Hope you enjoy Troy as much as I do!