Chocolate cake with strawberry moose and chocolate ganache from Cake in Schuylerville, NY

So I don’t think this will come as a surprise to anyone but I have a serious sweet tooth!

I’m two bites away from a 12-step program for sugar addiction (I kid I kid but I do love sugar☺)  Well I certainly got my fix at Cake in Schuylerville, NY!  I had the pleasure of trying her chocolate cake layered with strawberry mouse and then topped with chocolate ganache!!! Drooling yet??? I am just thinking about it!!  The cake was so rich and had a deep chocolate flavor.  The ganache was a wonderful addition (when is it not) and the strawberry moose was light and tasted like a fresh picked strawberry.  Alissa, the owner of Cake is some baker!  I am pretty picky about baked goods and this place takes the cake (pun intended).  She started this business after years in corporate America.  Alissa decided to quit her job, become a professionally trained pastry chef and start her own business.  Her wedding cakes are beautiful and her cupcakes are decadent!   I am so glad she decided to start this business because it means we all get to benefit from it.