The Van Buren from Hudson River Coffee House

I eat a turkey sandwich almost everyday.  Yes, that may sound boring to some, but I love it.

When I get the opportunity to try someone else’s version I get psyched since it probably features things I would never think of on my own.  The Van Buren (named after President Martin Van Buren) from the Hudson River Coffee House definitely piqued my interest.  The sandwich starts out on a delicious fresh baked hoagie from Rockland Bakery in NY. They then add bacon which I know isn’t too out of the ordinary but awesome all the same (I will never turn down bacon on anything! Not even ice cream:).  Here is where things get a little different.  They take a wonderful apple grown right here in upstate NY, and slice it into thin pieces which takes this sandwich over the top.  Anton, the creator of the Van Buren and owner of the café, started this business after traveling abroad.  Spending time outside of the States made him realize that he needed to work for himself and after returning home, he did just that.  Open for a little over a year now, the Hudson River Coffee House has proven to be a success! It was great filming “Bite Me” with Anton and learning about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur.