Pixie’s Preserves "Apple Crisp" and "Strawberries In May" Jelly

The other half of one of the best all time sandwiches involves jelly.

I can only imagine the PB&J combos you could make using Pixie’s Preserves since they offer over 37 varieties of jams and jellies!  All of their products are produced the old fashioned way which means it’s made in small batches on top of the stove just like your grandma used to do it.  The ingredients they use are grown locally and nothing contains preservatives.  This all makes a huge difference in the quality of their products since it was the freshest, most delicious jelly I have tasted.  Lucky for me, I got to try the Apple Crisp which contains rolled oats, brown sugar and apples of course!   It’s so good that I don’t know if an English muffin is worthy.  I like to just eat it with a spoon it’s that amazing! The other wonderful flavor I tasted was Strawberries In May which contains May Wine along with Strawberries and Woodruff Herbs.  Imagine the freshest strawberry you have ever eaten with a little extra awesomeness!   I could really use a jar of Peanut Butter right about now. Pixie’s not only makes sweet jellies, but you can also get savory ones like garlic and fiery hot pepper which are great with pork or chicken wings.  If you are looking to jam out, I suggest checking out Pixie’s Preserves and their wonderful assortment of both unique and traditional flavors.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/42519537]