Getting baked at Bake For You

**READ BELOW TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN WIN 2 DOZEN FREE COOKIES FROM BAKE FOR YOU!!** It’s no secret that sugar is my drug of choice (yes, I do love my vino and beer too!:) so when I’m able to get my fix AND shoot an episode of  “Bite Me,” I get really excited.  Linda started Bake for You 3 years ago after friends and family kept asking her to bake for them.  She thought “Hey, I could start a business and call it Bake for You!”  Well the rest is history and now she makes all of her wonderful delights in a commercial kitchen overlooking Washington Park in downtown Albany.  Linda’s favorite things to bake are scones and cookies but she also makes cupcakes, brownies and a variety of other baked goods including a vegan line.











I’m all about butter and eggs so when I found out we were going to be making vegan cookies for the show, I was skeptical. Well leave these specialty type baked goods in the hands of a professional because her vegan cookies were amazing!!!











I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it ended up being rich and soft and everything you want in a cookie.  Lucky for me, Linda sent me home with an EXTREMELY generous goodie box which included her cranberry scones, two types of cookies and mind blowing brownies so I got to sample (I use that term lightly, more like scarf) a variety of her items.











She is truly a wonderful baker and it’s obvious that she puts love and care into all of her baked goods, which are only made in small batches.  Linda hand mixes almost all of her dough’s and uses only organic and local products whenever possible. The other telltale sign that she cares about her baked goods is the fact that she uses Cabot butter from VT.  That’s what I used back in my baking days and there is no question that it makes a big difference in taste and texture.  It looks like Linda’s waitressing days are over.  Because she was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, she now gets to do what she loves and we get to enjoy her goodies.  To learn more about Bake for You visit their website at

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