Troy farmers market boasts some killer small food businesses!

The Troy farmers market is one of the best in the area with over 50 vendors ranging from farmers, bakers (my favorite), chefs, artisans and a whole lot more.











The live sax music was a nice touch and offered a great vibe while walking around.  My first stop was to Buddhapesto who specializes in PESTO- duh :).  I’ve heard a ton of great things about his products and after he explained that the basil was picked the morning prior and the pesto had just been made that evening, I knew this was going to be fresh if nothing else.  Well it was incredible and needless to say, we will be having pesto a couple of times this week.  Strolling down the street, I stumbled upon dreamPuff marshmallows.  When I see sugar my eyes light up (I’m like a 5 year old when it comes to sugar) and when I saw what they were selling, they got even bigger!  Homemade S’mores! They scratch make the graham cracker and obviously the marshmallow, then add rich dark chocolate and sea salt. It was incredible!











I also sampled their strawberry and vanilla marshmallows but ended up buying the lavender since that sounded so unique.  Some other flavors they make and would LOVE to try (hopefully they’ll have them next time) are Passion Fruit, Guinness and Fireside Brulee.  Their marshmallows are like clouds- seriously! It may be cliché to say that but it’s true because they melt in your mouth!  It is worth making a point of finding them at the market.











Some other notable items I tasted were Rosemary and Fig Goat Cheese from Painted Goat, The Chocolate Peanut Butter from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company, S’mores Peanut Butter from The Peanut Principle, Empanadas from Magdalena’s Menu (must check them out),  humus, baba ganoush and stuffed grape leaves from Beirut, all 3 flavors of Gatherer’s Granola (must try Fox’s Fancy which has apples, cinnamon, allspice, honey and vanilla. Very apple pie-esque) and waffles from Pika’s Waffles.


























I won’t lie, I sampled about 500 other things as well but these were some of my favs.  If I were going to pick my top 3 must try items, number 1 would be the waffles from Pika’s hands down. They were like nothing I have had and the 2 kids that work at the stand are an absolute riot.  If you’re not in the mood for something sweet, it’s worth heading over there just to see these two interact with customers.  Number 2 would be the hummus from Beirut and the third must try item would be the marshmallows from dreamPuff.  Since I had sampled/purchased SO many food items, I was unable to try any of the baked goods but there was a lot there that looked fantabulous!











Some other items that are on my hit list for our next visit are baklava from one of many places that offer it, Caribbean food from First Choice Caribbean, Kimchi from Pucker’s Gourmet, Dashing through the Dough cookie dough peanut butter (OMG!!!!) from The Peanut Principle, maple cotton candy, any sort of baked good and the soft baked pretzels one of the bakeries was selling.  Are you wondering if I wore elastic pants to this or something??  I went with a flowy dress which gave me plenty of room to enjoy all of the kick ass food at the market :)  I did pick up some fresh veggies from Denison Farms so it wasn’t all debauchery.

The Troy farmers market is held on Saturday’s from 9-1 on River St in downtown Troy.  If you are looking for a fun food adventure, it makes for a great Saturday morning.  If you head down later in the day, save room for beers at Brown’s- my only regret getting is there at 10:00 AM.

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