Fifth and Fifty Pizza in Scotia, NY

There’s nothing like a good slice of pizza and Fifth and Fifty has it!

The crust was thin and very crunchy and I loved the sauce, which is always important.  If the sauce isn’t good then forget it, the pizza is ruined!  All of the items here are made from scratch. No pre-packaged stuff is going on or in one of their pizzas!  One thing that’s really great about Fifth and Fifty is that they offer a gluten free option for all of their pizzas.  Their gluten free pizza is so good in fact, that it won them the number one spot at Pizza Wars earlier this year.  Bob, the owner, bought this business 11 years ago after working for a large food chain.  He said he would rather work double the amount of hours for himself versus slave away for someone else and I couldn’t agree more! He obviously made a good choice since they have been in business a long time.  If you are in the Scotia area, this place is definitely worth checking out!