Almond Joy ice cream from The Ice Cream Man

Feeding into my sugar addiction with ice cream from The Ice Cream Man in Greenwich, NY is one of the most delicious ways for me to get my fix.

I’ve been going to this ice cream shop for years so I was super excited to be able to feature them on “Bite Me.”  This quaint little shop actually makes over 300 varieties of ice cream! Yes I said 300!  Although they usually only offer around 30 at a time (It's hard enough to choose from 30 because they all look SO good).  While filming, I got to assist in the making of their most popular flavor, Almond Joy.  Joyful indeed!  This frozen treat starts out with sweet cream and coconut.  I got to add the chocolate covered almonds to the mix which means this batch is going to be extra chocolaty.  The one thing I love about ice cream is that it’s ready to eat right away.  I was able to have a bowlful immediately after making it which makes me happy.   I can see why Almond Joy is their best seller because it was off the charts delicious!  Imagine an Almond Joy combined with the richest and freshest ice cream you have ever had all in one bite.  The Ice Cream Man only uses fresh cream and the best ingredients they can find which is why their ice cream is so good.  Julia purchased this business last year and it was an easy transition for her since prior to that, she was the retail manger for 14 years.  Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur has sure paid off and Julia will continue to sweeten our days with some of the best ice cream around.