Banquet House

Chicken Cordon Bleu in puff pastry from Michael’s Banquet House

It was so much fun hanging out with Rick at Michael's Banquet House in Latham, NY while filiming "Bite Me."

I got to assist in the making of their wonderful Chicken Cordon Bleu although I don't take any credit for it's deliciousness.  The filling started out with a generous amount of butter, olive oil and prosciutto.  We then added Swiss cheese and surrounded the chicken in a puff pastry.  Yes and Yes!!!!!!!  After I impatiently waited for the chicken to cook, I finally got to dive in.  The pastry was so light and flaky which was a nice contrast to the ooey gooey cheese and spicy flavor of the prosciutto.  If you are looking to host an event here,  you can be certain that the food will be delicious and the staff will treat you very well!