Saturday in the city of Uncle Sam

It’s March which means cool rainy days and more free time on the weekends. It’s kind of nice when things aren’t so busy, so we thought we’d take advantage of a free Saturday and head to Troy. We started at Superior Merchandise Company with a great cup of coffee that was really unique and delicious.

I tried the Mexican which is described as having flavors of baking spice with a caramel aroma and a creamy body. They offer other pourover options as well like Honduras and Burundi along with espresso and cappuccino. Not a coffee fan? Check out their other beverages like Masala Milk and Winter Tonic Tisane. The Toast menu looked very tempting too. Offerings inlude fig and rosemary chevre on sourdough topped with a balsamic reduction or smashed avocado toast with cracked pepper, sea salt and sriracha. Since we had plans for lunch, I decided to skip the toast today but plan on going back for both those options and maybe a third depending on what the seasonal toast is.

After fueling up, we headed over to the Troy Farmers Market which is held in the Troy Atrium during the winter months. The place was packed and the selection of fresh produce was impressive for this time of year. There are so many great vendors and food items at the market, it makes me want to buy one of everything! I decided to try something new this time and went to the Caribbean food vendor on the second floor who was selling lots of traditional fare. I tried the beef patty which had a nice little kick to it and went really well with the sweetness of the fried plantains that came as a side. It was just what the doctor ordered on a cold rainy day. I was channeling palm trees and the beach while enjoying it. There was another vendor on the second floor selling vegetarian bowls that were quinoa or cauliflower based which looked fantastic, and will be on my hit list for our next visit. They had quite a line and people I talked to really enjoyed their bowls so it would be worth checking out (also upstairs in a corner near the Caribbean vendor). Looking for something sweet? You can’t beat the waffles from Pikas and it would be a sin to leave the market without some beer from Browns or Pak Dong from Puckers Gourmet.

After stocking up at the market, it was time to head over to AMC Jewelry which is a quick walk from the Troy Atrium. I’ve been following them on Instagram and lusting over a lot of the beautiful pictures they post.

There were a few geode necklaces that really appealed to me so I wanted to see them in person. Of course there were about 10 other things I wanted once I got there. :)  AMC Jewelry is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a locally made unique piece for yourself or as a gift. I will be going back and getting a few things once my husband isn't with me :). Their stuff is beautiful!

Slidin' Dirty was dangerously close so why not swing in and have a slider or two. We grabbed a spot at the bar and decided the get the special which was The Dirty Leprechaun consisting of corned beef and provolone topped with a potato pancake, slaw and horseradish cream. We paired that with the Old Faithful Slider which comes with cheddar, arugula, tomato and secret sauce. I highly recommend getting the side of pickled veggies too.

Oh and did somebody say Bacon Old Fashioned?!?! If you need a little hair of the dog, this is a good replacement for a Bloody Mary. It had Rye Whiskey, bacon simple syrup, angostura bitters and a piece of bacon of course.

Whether you have a big appetite or just need a small bite, Slidin' Dirty is a great way to go!

If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday, head on over to Troy. Check out some of the places I visited or head to Troy Kitchen, Sunhee's Farm and Kitchen or Rare Form Brewing. You can’t go wrong at any of them!

Let me know how you Enjoy Troy and send me a note. Happy Friday!