Portable eats on the Saratoga Streets. Finally some Food Trucks!

The food truck scene is BIG, just not so much in our area.  Albany offers a better scene then Saratoga for sure, so when I drove past the Eat Good Food truck in the Minogue’s Beverage Center parking lot (16 West Ave, Saratoga), I was excited to see this truck trend heading north.






















I quickly did a U-turn seeing as though I could pick up some adult beverages and grab a bite to eat at the same time and this was a very good decision.  The vibe is laid back and there were a few lawn chairs and hand painted ironing board “tables” set up for people to sit at while eating good food.






















A chalkboard menu sits in the grass displaying what’s being served today, aka what’s fresh, local and in season.  There were a lot of great things to choose from like Buffalo Chicken Tacos, Tomato Scallion Cheddar Quiche and a Roasted Garlic Panzanella salad.  I went with the Flank Steak on a Cheddar Waffle with lettuce, tomato and Cajun Mayo which was my second good decision for the day.






















The cheddar waffle was great and wasn’t soft or soggy underneath all that steak and the marinade on the flank steak was excellent! It paired so well with the Cajun mayo.  The picture would make it seam as though there may be too much mayo but once you dive in, you discover that it’s the perfect amount.  The lettuce and yellow and red tomatoes were really good too and helped balance everything out nicely.











































Not only is the food good, the service is excellent too! Jean greeted me at the window after mingling with some other customers with a huge simile on her face.  She seems to really enjoy her job and was excited to talk about what was being offered on the menu today.  Jean and John Travis have been in the restaurant business as employees or owners for most of their lives.  As Jean says “it is a happy coincidence that he is the cook and I am the "cleaner-upper."  In between and during their restaurant adventures, John enjoyed a corporate career in the food business and Jean maintained a career as a middle school educator.  They thrive on hard work while having fun together. They were first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug years before they were married when they found themselves thrown into doing a lobster bake dinner for John's dad's high school class reunion in Maine. Years later they operated the Jonesville store as a restaurant/ art gallery/ music bistro for over 6 years and had always intended to supplement the brick and mortar space with a food truck. They found their truck this past winter and are proud to be operating on the cutting edge of an immensely popular trend in gourmet food delivery.  They are especially excited to introduce this trend to a famous resort and college town where people not only need it, they "get it"!! Throughout their endeavors, they have never altered their mantra of EAT GOOD FOOD FOR LIFE! As Jean says “we are ready, willing and able to provide stellar products and service at any event!  They will be parking the truck at the Henry Street festival on 9/23, the car show at the Maple Ave. middle school on 10/6 and the Octobeerfest in Malta on 10/13.  It’s worth stopping by for some GREAT food! Jean and John can be reached at 518.796.4298 or EATGOODFOOD@nycap.rr.com






















After my lunch, I headed to Ballston Spa for work and stumbled upon another food truck!  Yes, this was 100% a coincidence but I pulled in to see what it was all about.  Fitzy’s Fork In The Road was parked right on Dunning St near Bentley’s Tavern and it happened to be their first day in business.






















I spoke with Scott and Kathy who own this truck and they said that originally, they were supposed to be in Saratoga, but permits held them back so they are now operating in Malta.  Scott had worked at Siro’s for 15 years but decided he wanted to work for himself so he bought this truck, created a wonderful looking menu and he’s off to being another great food entrepreneur in the area.






















Feel free to contact them at fitzysfork@gmail.com or 518.290.4518.   After checking out the first couple of food trucks in the Saratoga area, I’d say we are off to a great start.  Let’s hope we can keep the ball (and trucks) rolling!

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