Maestro’s Lamb Lollipops

Ahhhhh, do I really need to say anything else because the headline says it all.

Maestro’s is one of my favorite places to dine in Saratoga and they offer wonderful dishes like Duck Confit Bruschetta, Tempura Chicken Meat Balls, Braised Bacon, and a Wild Mushroom Brie Panini and that’s just off of the appetizer menu!!!!  We visit Maestro’s on a regular basis for a drink and enjoy noshing on the appetizer spread they put out in the bar area.  If their free cheese’s, charcuterie, fresh bread, olives, wonderful crackers and house made snack mix aren’t enough to convince you that’s just the beginning, then I don’t know what else would.  It’s quite a spread they put out in the bar and everything is delicious. After a glass of the Vinvita Pinot Grigio (which was good but a little warm), it was time to order the much sought after Grilled Lamb Lollipops.  I have been eyeing these for a while so I figured now’s the time to try them. Our waiter was Richard who we have met on a few other occasions and if I could give out a prize for waiter of the year, he would get it.  He’s recommended these to us before and I trust his opinion since he’s passionate about the food here and has had almost everything on the menu.

Before we even got to the lamb, Richard thought we would enjoy some bread and butter as well as their homemade bean dip and he was right!  The huge pat of butter was sprinkled with Hawaiian sea salt and paired so well with the assortment of fresh bread and the bean dip was incredible.   It had balsamic vinegar, fennel and a combo of some other delectable herbs and spices that were so good.  This could have been a meal in and of itself and we tried to have a little restraint to no avail-oh well it was worth it! It was time for the lamb and the only thing I can say is that I have been doing myself a disservice by not getting it sooner because it was phenomenal!! To read the rest of the review, please visit

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