New local show will feature a "Bite Me" segment


So there’s a new show being put together which focuses a lot on the local Real Estate market including tips from attorneys, how to get your home ready for sale, and other informative material on the housing market.  Each week the show will have different segments, and I will be hosting the portion highlighting the local food scene. I was honored and humbled when Filmworks 109 asked me to be a part of this, and it’s so much fun getting to showcase the great businesses in our area.  We did our first shoot at Bake For You with the always-lovely Linda Kindlon. I had the immense pleasure of helping her make Cannoli cookies that were to die for! There’s ricotta cheese in the dough and are they are sprinkled with crushed up cannoli shells!

If you have a severe sugar addiction like I do, Bake For You will help you get your fix in a really good way!  We traveled next door to The Cheese Traveler where the cheesemongers seem to have a PhD in cheese.  It was really amazing to hear them talk about where the cheeses are made, what type of milk is used, and what tasting notes to look for.  There are so many wonderful options that it makes you want to sample everything and take home pounds of it!  One of the best cheeses I‘ve ever had was the truffle Brie.  It was out of this world and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Next on our hit list was The Whistling Kettle in its newest location and hotspot, Troy. They have an enormous variety of teas to choose from and you can even check out their “Sniff Bar” to see what teas might appeal to you.

The Marzipan Roobis was one of my favorites but Belgian Chocolate is a close second.  If you are not a tea fan, stop in to check out their amazing food. It really is wonderful and I was lucky enough to try the “Afternoon Tea”.

It comes as a 3-tiered dish and the combo I got was a home run! The sandwich was Spicy Thai Roast Beef which has sautéed onions, Brie and Provolone on ciabatta, the next tier had salad with house made Greek dressing and the dessert was the moistest (hate that word but it’s the only one that’ll work here :) ) decadent carrot cake.

We headed across the street to check out Nibble Inc. which is a new donut shop located on Broadway as well.  They actually put mashed potatoes in the donut dough making for a rich and very dense donut.  Some of the flavors I got to try were the Maple Bacon, Pineapple Habanero, and the Milkman, which is one of their stuffed donuts. It was like the donut version on a bread bowl! Hollowed out and filled with gooey sugary deliciousness!!

Nibble Inc. has got it goin’ on when it comes to donuts, but they also make knishes and pocket sandwiches using the same donut dough. Oh yes they did!!!!  Be sure and check out one of my new favorite spots located at 461 Broadway in Troy.

It’s a lot of fun working with all of these amazing entrepreneurs and I look forward to discovering more wonderful places right here in the Capital district.

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