The Iron Roost in Ballston Spa


A lot of people have been crowing about the Iron Roost in Ballston Spa so I knew I had to check it out as soon as possible.  A menu that focuses on waffles is something that would pique just about anyone’s interest.  It was a Sunday afternoon and the place was packed.

My first thought was how much I loved the simple yet elegant décor.  My second thought was how long am I going to have to wait to get my hands on one of these waffles?


After about a 30-minute wait, we were seated and started checking out the menu.  There were plenty of sweet and savory waffle options along with a salad option.  One menu item that really caught my attention was the French toast waffles which consists of homemade Brioche French toast (done in the iron), powdered sugar, creamy butter, & whipped cream!  That pretty much combines all of my favorite breakfast items into one dish.  Add a little bacon on the side and it’s a dream come true!


They also had a waffle on special which was a pumpkin spice waffle topped with cranberry-orange butter, homemade whipped cream, and a drizzle of spiced cider syrup.  Decisions, decisions!  Since it was little bit later in the day, I decided to go with the savory side of the menu and opted for the chicken salad.


Unfortunately they had sold out of it so I went with the grilled chicken with cheddar, LTO and a delicious garlic herb mayo on a savory waffle.


My husband had the BLT as did our other 2 friends and their little ones got the PB&J waffle sticks.  While we were deciding on what to get, I ordered the Liege waffle since I have heard so much about it.  This type of waffle is native to Belgium and let me just say that it was incredible!  It had a nice little crunch from the sugar and just a hint of cinnamon.


If you are planning on eating here, you must order this!  It makes a great little app while you are deciding on what to get.  We were all very happy with our meals as well. I loved having a waffle in place of bread on my grilled chicken sandwich and the BLT was also delicious.  The bacon was crisp and the veggies were fresh.  It’s obvious that they get a lot of their ingredients locally.  The PB&J waffle sticks were great too!  They had a subtle peanut butter flavor to them and they're served with a side of strawberry jelly for dipping.

The Iron Roost opened in April of this year and is the brain child of Linnaea DiNallo.  After a successful career with the content marketing firm McMurry, she decided to change gears and open the Iron Roost on Front Street in Ballston Spa.  She knew she wanted to do something café related and over the course of two years, came up with a concept and a menu.  The Iron Roost allows her to design and decorate which are two things she loves to do.  Because she was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and followed her passion, we now have a wonderful waffle place in the Capital District. I am still dreaming about those French toast waffles and next time I go back (aka this weekend), I am sticking to the sweet side of the menu because these sound to good to pass up.   The Iron Roost is located at 36 Front St in Ballston Spa.