Banana Split from Martha's Dandee Creme

Who screams for ice cream!?!? This girl does if it’s from Martha’s Dandee Crème!! After a little break from filming, “Bite Me” is back and I couldn’t be happier to have the famous Martha’s ice cream shop be my first stop. When I pulled in at 11:00 on a rainy Tuesday morning, there was a line of people getting ice cream including the local post office delivery person, people working in the area and a bunch of kids. My first thought was that this place must have some kick ass ice cream. My second thought was how soon can I have some? I sat down with Dennis Lafontaine who has owned Martha’s not once, but twice! The Lafontaine family purchased Martha’s back in the 80’s from the original owners Martha and Carl. They ran the business for 17 years serving not only ice cream, but running a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. When Six Flags started buying up properties in the area (Martha’s is located across the street from The Great Escape which is owned by Six Flags), the Lafontaine family decided to sell and get out of the lucrative ice cream business- temporarily.

After signing a 5 year “no compete” clause, Dennis and his family decided to buy all of the property back and bring this landmark back to being a family run business. All I know is that the enormous banana split they made for me was fantabulous!!!! First of all, the bowl they serve it in could be a small swimming pool it is so big. After filling it with a ton of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, they load it up with all of the goodies including rich hot fudge, marshmallow sauce and tons of whipped cream! After sampling the 3 ice cream flavors and toppings, I can see why this place has been around for over 50 years. It was some of the creamiest most flavorful soft serve I have ever had! The toppings were decadent but not over the top and I could easily have finished the whole thing if I weren’t so embarrassed. ☺ Martha’s is also know for their ice cream cakes where you can pick any combo from their 35 flavors and have them turn it into a show stopper for your next party. You could also just get one for your self to celebrate the deliciousness of their ice cream too! If you’re in the Lake George area, you definitely have to make time from some ice cream at Martha’s!