Expanding the Bite Me blog. Come get bitten!

Bite Me is taking on some new ventures in the blogosphere.  Originally I started blogging about business’s featured on the show (which will now be monthly), but I will be adding posts including honest food reviews from places in the capital district as well as information for small business’s in the food or beverage industry.  If there are places in the area that you absolutely love, please feel free to send them along since I am always looking for new spots.  The Bite Me blog will be a resource for foodies in the Capital District offering up suggestions for all sorts of food categories as well as info for people interested in either starting a food business or already in the business.   So join me as I learn, love, laugh and bite my way through the area.


One main goal for the blog is to expand readership.  I will be giving away a $25 gift certificate for Pasta Pane to a new follower on Facebook.  The goal is to get to 500 likes by the end of the month.  So feel free to tell your friends or share on Facebook and Twitter!  One of them will get a great meal out of it :)  Thank you!