City Sandwich in Hell's Kitchen NYC

So I traveled to NYC in June to take a TV hosting class at Actors Connection and to my surprise, the school was located smack dab in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. UMMMM Yes!!!!!!!  I was tempted to blow off the class and just eat my way down Ninth Ave but that of course would not have been the best idea (or would it have been ??:) I stumbled upon a new sandwich shop called City Sandwich where the owner was greeting everyone who walked in and he walked us through the menu that hung on the wall.  You could feel his love for all the sandwiches as he described the fact that each one was named after someone who has either helped him out along the way or happens to be a close friend.  Guerrieri, who started City Sandwich 7 months ago, was born in Italy, raised in NYC and lived in Portugal for many years and as he puts it “marries those worlds between the bread” which might I add could be some of the most delicious bread for a sandwich I have ever had.