Adirondack Wine & Food Festival 2018

I always enjoy the Adirondack Wine and Food Festival held every June at the Charles R. Wood park in beautiful Lake George, NY.  There are over 80 wineries, distilleries, breweries and food vendors giving attendees the opportunity to uncover new local favorites or stock up on products they know and love. Although the weather wasn't ideal for the event, the crowds didn't indicate that. You can't rain on our parade! Since the Adirondack Winery sponsors the event, I wanted to head there first for a tasting. After sampling a few different varietals, I ended up going with some bottles of the Pinot Gris which is perfect for these warm summer days. 


There were 10 food trucks to choose from and each one was offering a $4 menu item. I was lucky enough to get a VIP ticket before they sold out and it included a voucher for one of those menu items. Feeding into my sugar addiction, I made a beeline for the liege waffle from The Plaid Pancake. I chose to have it topped with Nutella, strawberries and whipped cream because why not? 


The Sparkling Rosé from Galway Rock Wines is always a favorite. I usually enjoy it out of the bottle (in a glass of course:) but they offer it on tap during the festival so it's a never ending supply of crisp, bubbly goodness that will keep you smiling all day long. I mean hey, sparkles happen! 


You can never go wrong with Saratoga Crackers because of the countless cheese options to choose from at the event. I always like to grab a few flavors before going on a hunt for ways to top them off. 


Another $4 food truck item being offered were the fish tacos from the Adirondack Pub & Brewery. They were light, crispy and topped with slaw and pico de gallo.  Included was a Root Beer to wash it all down. 


Okay enough eating, back to the drinks. :) 1857 Spirits was sampling a few varieties of their potato vodka, all of which went down incredibly smooth. We also uncovered a new brewery and really enjoyed their Sunrise Session IPA.


We discovered that flour could be made out of wine so you can literaly "eat wine" and that we did! Hello cupcakes!


You can never go wrong with R&G Cheese Makers and their products go perfectly with the Saratoga Crackers. A flavor I found particularly interesting was the goat cheese with ramps. Very unique and absolutely delicious. 


A few other highlights from the day included the pulled pork grilled cheese from Gourmeli's Taste, Nine Pin Cider (everything:), wood fired pizza from Mach's and spirits from Lake George Distilling Co. and Tommy Rotter


There were plenty of other vendors to visit as well offering options for everyone. The Adirondack Wine and Food Festival is the perfect way to kick off summer in Lake George! Hope to see you there next year!